• Kendall Lanier

Accepting Change

Looking back at this time last year, I was moving into my dorm and getting ready to start my freshman year at Howard University. Fast forward to this year, I have been stuck in the midwest since March and I won’t be returning to Howard until second semester due to all of my classes being online. Our lives have gone from experiencing some of the best moments of our lives, to not knowing what the rest of the year or even next year looks like. That’s definitely scary and hard to come to terms with.

The whole world is experiencing this shock and even though that doesn’t make it any better, at least we are all going through it. When I found out I would be staying home for the semester, I felt so lost. Everything I was looking forward to was just swept away. I gave myself three days to do whatever I wanted and just take that time to allow myself to face this disappointment.

But after those three days, I had to remind myself that life is still going on, I still have stuff to do, goals to reach even though my circumstances have changed. Life waits for no one. And even though it is not the most ideal situation, something good can still come out of it. Forcing yourself to see the positive in life will make you feel so much better, even when everything is spiraling out of control.

It is so easy to get caught up in everything going wrong in our lives but we owe it to ourselves to see the bigger picture of life. Remember that you’re still standing and waking up each day despite being in the middle of a pandemic.

"It is so necessary for us to adjust our focus to what life has become. We can't expect to be living the life we were living last year when so much has changed since then.

But what we can do is find a way to accept what our lives have become and make the best we can out of it.

For those staying home for the semester, take this extra time to focus on yourself, find a new hobby, create an opportunity in your own city, get a job, enjoy the extra time with your family, or do that thing you have pushed off because you didn’t think you’d have time. There are so many options, but limiting yourself and wallowing in your disappointment of not going back to school isn’t one of them.

It sounds harsh, but doing the best we can with what this world has become is what we deserve. You deserve to still be happy no matter the changes that have occurred in your life over the past year. Life is too short to let precious time pass by feeling bad for yourself. Instead, change your perspective and enjoy this season of your life.