• Kendall Lanier

Reconnecting with Yourself in a Confusing Time

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

In the midst of this pandemic that has taken over the country, staying in tune with yourself and what you are feeling can be challenging. Being locked up in quarantine away from people you are used to being around, plays a part in being in tune with yourself. There are so many outside factors telling you how you should feel; the news, social media, your friends, the list goes on. Yet, the only person you should be listening to is yourself. Whether you are using this time in quarantine to get stuff done or taking the time to relax and decompress, there is one thing everyone can be doing, reconnecting with your mind and who you want to be. Life is full of many events that pull us away from being the person we desire to be.

Becoming in tune with your mind is not an easy task, but rather a process of being mindful of the way you react to things and how they make you feel. One way to do this is the next time you feel annoyed by something someone says, ask yourself why you feel this way and write it down. You then can start to understand if there is a deeper issue and think about if that was the appropriate reaction to that situation. Going forward, you can begin to be mindful of this behavior and try to avoid it in different instances. Taking the time to understand why you are doing or feeling something can be beneficial for the state of your mind.

Additionally, being more present in life will also help you reconnect with yourself. An “easy” way to do this is to put down your phone and focus on what you are doing. Whether this is watching a show, eating, or hanging out with your friends/family, try leaving your phone out of it because that means you are focusing on something else. This is definitely something I need to work on myself, but I find when I am in a conversation and I make sure I do not check my phone, I can contribute and even receive more from it. This allows me to be in tune with my thoughts and what I am trying to convey when I speak. Once we reconnect with our feelings and what makes us who we are, we can have a more relaxed state of mind which is especially important to have during this uncertain time.